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Japanese Priest Adorably Still Uses “Cat Mug” Made by Daughter Even Though It’s an Eye-Stabbing Demon

Japanese Twitter user Chikai Matsuzaki is the head priest of the Jodo Shinsou Honganji school’s Eimyouji Temple in Kita-Kyushuu, but he’s getting attention lately for a predicament caused by refusing to stop using a present his daughter made for him.

Matsuzaki recent shared a photo of himself drinking from a mug made by his daughter. As he says, it’s an adorable keepsake pottery gift, but it’s something you need to keep your eyes on when using–if you can!

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“This is a cat mug by daughter made long ago. It looks like a Starbucks Halloween mug and is cute, but it’s definitely a demon that aims for my eyes.”

As you can see, Matsuzaki’s glasses prevent any actual eye-piercing by the deceptive feline demon, but even then the mug has a trip up it’s sleeve. Despite wanting to close your eyes as you drink, his daughter left an adorable smiling cat face at the bottom of the mug.

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