Meet Challky, The Innovative Streetwear T-Shirt With A Chalk-Drawable Surface


When you walk into a local coffee shop and you see this big chalkboard behind the counter with nothing, but the menu on, do you go,“I’d draw the #!$@ out of that thing!”? Those exact thoughts brought Alex and Michael to the idea of creating Challky.

More info: Challky (use a promocode WOHOO20 and get 20% off!)


The concept of the chalkboard is straightforward — to present information to the surrounding environment. But, add some creativity into the mix and it becomes an engaging and fun way to talk to the world. The problem is that the damn thing is super heavy and oversized to carry it around.


But Challky can go anywhere, because, well, it’s a T-shirt. And it doesn’t matter, if it’s an office worker or a fashion blogger, anyone can find their own personal and awesome ways of broadcasting their creativity through this T-shirt.


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