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Clever ‘Lose The Waterbeard’ Campaign By John Keatley


Seattle-based advertising and editorial photographer John Keatley worked with MiiR Bottles in creating this clever Lose the Waterbeard campaign. Ian Goode of Gigantic Squid helped him make the waterbeard magic.


John Keatley writes, “As simple as a water bottle sounds, there are so many great ideas to work with because there are a lot of water bottles on the market that are difficult to use. I think this comes across pretty clear in these ads.”


In 2009, entrepreneur and outdoor adventurer, Bryan Papé wanted to create a more functional, lifestyle water bottle. A bottle that would be simple to use and could also be uniquely customized. In the process of creating MiiR, Bryan learned that nearly a billion people don’t have access to clean drinking water. Wanting to help, he incorporated an initiative called one4one, directly into the brand. One dollar of each MiiR bottle purchased provides one person with clean water for an entire year. The full $1 donation will go directly to those in need.


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