Barbie Unveils 17 New Dolls That Pay Tribute To Famous Inspiring Women

With the Barbie Inspiring Women collection, the Mattel brand has just unveiled 17 new dolls, paying tribute to the most inspiring women. Artist Frida Kahlo, aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart, French chef Hélène Darroze, mathematician Katherine Johnson and snowboarder Chloe Kim are some of the great female figures that the famous Barbie doll will embody.

Launched nearly 60 years ago, the Barbie doll has become a true icon, and the brand wants today to give a new dimension, less superficial, to this doll that inspires many little girls around the world.

More info: Mattel (h/t: boredpanda, ufunk)

Frida Kahlo – Artist

Amelia Earhart – Aviation Pioneer

Chloe Kim – Snowboarder

Ibtihaj Muhammad – Fencing Champion

Katherine Johnson – NASA Mathematician and Physicist

Hui Ruoqi – Volleyball Champion

Hélène Darroze – Chef

Sara Gama – Soccer Player

Patty Jenkins – Filmmaker

Xiaotong Guan – Actress and Philanthropist

Nicola Adams Obe – Boxing Champion

Gabby Douglas – Gymnastics Champion

Bindi Irwin – Conservationist

Ashley Graham – Model and Body Activist

Martyna Wojciechowska – Journalist

Ava Duvernay – Film Director

Yuan Yuan Tan – Prima Ballerina

Leyla Piedayesh – Designer

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