This Russian Artist Dresses Herself And Her Models In Surreal And Weird Costumes Made Out Of Vegetables, Fruits And Plants

Everyone has a hobby, right? Well, some are weirder than others. Meet this artist from Russia, her name is Katya and she creates unique makeup looks using vegetables, fruits, plants and many other fragments of nature. You can say she’s all-natural.

Katya grew up surrounded by plants, crops, and animals, that’s what inspired her to create these surreal and weird makeup looks. The artist uses all types of materials like lettuce, radish, flowers, branches, peas and other things you might find in a fridge or garden. Let’s just say she explores beauty in her own way.

What do you think about her creations? Are they weird or beautiful? Maybe both? Tell us in the comments!

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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