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The Tutu Project By Bob Carey


About 13 years ago photographer Bob Carey and his wife, Linda moved to America’s East Coast. Even though the move was exciting, exhilarating, and inspiring, it was a big and dramatic change. The self portraits were a perfect way of expressing himself. He posed in different surroundings wearing a pink tutu. The result is a wonderful, inspiring and poetic series of self portraits: The Tutu Project.

More info: Bob Carey, The Tutu Project


Photos in “The Tutu Project” started out as sort of a joke, a way for Carey to relieve some stress and poke some fun: he dresses in only a pink tutu and positions himself in any variety of environments—in the subway, at the beach, prone and alone in a deserted parking lot. But Tutu has gone viral, garnering global attention to the plight of breast cancer sufferers and survivors. It’s website,, is currently raising funds for publication of the book Ballerina, “a book all about a man, his pink tutu, and raising funds for women with breast cancer.”


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