Winners Of The Pink Lady Food Photographer Of The Year 2018 Announced

Bjoern Luelf, Germany

The winners of the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2018 have been announced, with 25 category winners whittled down from over 8,000 images submitted from photographers in 60 countries. The awards champion both professional and amateur photographers, with the winner taking home £5,000.

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Mohammed Shajahan, Bangladesh

Ferdous Shabbir, Bangladesh

Gerrit Buntrock, United Kingdom

Jerome Genée, France

George Rose, United States

Victor Pugatschew, Australia

Scott Rhodes, United Kingdom

Bartosz Luczak, Poland

Noor Ahmed Gelal, Bangladesh

Andy Aitchison, United Kingdom

Robin Goodlad, United Kingdom

Hamish Scott-Brown, United Kingdom

Karolina Wiercigroch, United Kingdom

Max Robinson, Switzerland

Howard Shooter, United Kingdom

Tiree Dawson, United Kingdom

Moniruzzaman Sazal, Bangladesh

Philip Field, United Kingdom

Mark Lord, United Kingdom

Ryan Linnegar, Australia

Viktor Kery, United Kingdom

Derek Snee, United Kingdom

Donna Crous, United Kingdom

Deb Porter, United Kingdom

Linda Taylor, USA

Georgia Glynn Smith, United Kingdom

Darren Hickson, United Kingdom

Andrew Goodfellow, United Kingdom

Tim Clinch, Bulgaria

Emma Brick, United Arab Emirates

Maja Smend, United Kingdom

Simon Smith, United Kingdom

David Charbit, United Kingdom

Burcu Atalay Tankut, Turkey

Michael Meisen, Germany

Kayako Sareen, United States

Oliver Hauser, Germany

Jonathan Gregson, United Kingdom

Ryan Ball, United Kingdom

Becci Hutchings, United Kingdom

Steve Ryan, United Kingdom

Solomon Denny, New Zealand

Lily-Mae Franklin, United Kingdom

William Lindsay-Perez, United Kingdom

Benjamin Millar, United Kingdom

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