ESRC Photography Competition Winners

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) has announced the winners of a UK national photography competition in which we challenged young people aged 14–18 for their unique take on society and the social sciences by asking them to take a picture on the theme of “Where Do I Belong?” – ESRC Press Office

“Be ready” (Overall winner and category winner). (Photo by Leone Crick/ESRC)

“The essence of life”. (Photo by Jodie Krause/ESRC)

“Good friends share”. (Photo by Amy Chapman/ESRC)

“Man’s best friend”. (Photo by Toby Pickard/ESRC)

“Bring down the walls”. (Photo by Curtis Irvine/ESRC)

“The Ceiriog Valley”. (Photo by Will Hawkes/ESRC)

“Urban land”. (Photo by Nadia Rouhipour/ESRC)

“Nightskate”. (Photo by Jackson Barton/ESRC)

“Society hurts”. (Photo by Grace Ridge/ESRC)

“Dreams are only a step away”. (Photo by Matthew Charles/ESRC)

“Does anyone care”. (Photo by Abigail Carter/ESRC)

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