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Into The Make-Believe World Of Polish Re-Enactors


‘Warriors’ is a long-term project about people who are history or exotic culture buffs. Our heroes were found next to us. They are usual people like most of us are and they behave the same in everyday lives. Until the time they put on a costume — mostly made by themselves.

In this way you may meet a Japanese Samurai in Bytom or an American Indian in another Polish city. They are warriors who live between two different realities. This kind of social phenomenon is often observed in Poland. This project is a collaboration between the photographer Tomasz Liboska with Michal Jedrzejowski.

Czeslaw, Japanese Samurai

Jozef, Cowboy

Krzysztof with daughter, Wehrmacht soliders

Lukasz, Polish Sarmatian

Marek, Native American

Marian, Crossbowman

Robert, Roman legionary solider

Wojciech, US solider

Darek, Anti-Terrorist

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