A High Tech Suit That Helps Disabled People Experience Sexual Pleasure

Sexual options can become very limited with physical disabilities. That’s why designers Hsin-Jou Huang, Szu-Ying Lai, and Chia-Ning Hsu of Taiwan developed the Ripple. It’s a kit that provides a variety of physical, auditory, and olfactory stimuli across a person’s entire body.

More: Dezeen h/t: neatorama

A caregiver may need help the user put the suit on. But after that, the user can control the Ripple in private using a remote control. Natashah Hitti at Dezeen describes how it works:

“The body suit features heated, inflatable air cushions positioned at the typically sensitive areas of the body, such as the breasts and thighs. These gradually inflate to put pressure on certain body parts that simulate the feeling of human touch.
Other stimulations such as vibration, for women, and pressure in the genital area, for men, are also incorporated into the body suit.”

“Ripple also includes a facial mask to enhance the experience, which boasts three main purposes – the first being to block out any artificial light.”

“Secondly, accompanying earphones on the mask play ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) sounds to promote relaxation, and lastly the mask releases pheromones to reduce any anxiety and arouse the user’s sexual desire.”

“At the end of each session, the cushions in the body suit – more of which are positioned on the shoulders and stomach – inflate and heat up to mimic the feeling of a hug, helping the user feel at ease after an orgasm.”

What a wonderful invention! It could greatly improve the life experiences of people with disabilities.

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