Monster Crane Collapses at National Cathedral

This image released the the National Cathedral shows a 500-ton crane that was doing repair work caused by the Aug. 23 east coast earthquake after it collapsed Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2011, at the Washington National Cathedral in Washington. The crane collapsed amid thunderstorms and driving rain and damaged at least one nearby building and several vehicles but spared the church. (Craig W. Stapert / The National Cathedral via AP)

A part of a large construction crane is seen next to the Washington National Cathedral Wednesday, Sept. 7, in Washington. The 500-foot crane fell amid thunderstorms, damaging two buildings and several vehicles. (Carolyn Kaster / AP)

A construction crane being used to make repairs of earthquake damage lies overturned at the National Cathedral in Washington DC, Sept. 7. The cathedral was damaged during the 5.8 earthquake, but was planning on hosting a 9/11 10th anniversary service this weekend. (Shawn Thew / EPA)

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