Belarusian Designer Transforms Old Soviet Budget “Zaporozhets” Car Into Porsche Boxter

Couple day ago we had this, but we had only three pics. Now we got some other photos And description of the car – how some man has built a sport car from a low budget Soviet car.

This was called a Zaporozhets – very budget Soviet car. During some Soviet times there was an urban myth that those cars were made by Porsche – like design was ordered there by the Soviet factory.

More: Shif Custom h/t: englishrussia, onliner

Now, Belarusian designer Yuri Shif has decided to put myth in real life – and he now put a Porsche into Zaporozhets face. Yes this is a Porsche! Porsche Boxter to be exact. Yes he took a Porsche car and has masked it to be Soviet. Pretty awesome car to have.

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