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Photographer Vivian Keulards Captures The Beautiful Diversity Of Redhead People


Vivian Keulards is an professional photographer, who was born and raised in the Netherlands and succesfully graduated at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam in 2009. Her fascination for images and photography started earlier at the KUN University (Nijmegen, Netherlands) where she gained a Master Degree in Communication Science in 1995. Vivian lived in Colorado (USA) from 2010-2013, where she learned more about photography, her work and her self. The last few years her portraits have been published, exhibited and rewarded internationally.

More info: Vivian Keulards, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: photogrist)


“For years now I’ve been fascinated by red headed children. In 2007 I made the first portraits in the series Flaming Grace. I’ve not only photographed them in The Netherlands, but also in the US and Ireland. Why? Simply because I think they’re breathtaking beautiful! I find these children mystical and magical and they push my creativity to the max. Children are still authentic and not aware of their environment en that makes them wonderful to work with. I’ve even photographed a few kids from these series for the second time. Along the way I learned a lot about the red hair MCR1-gene and heard many stories and myths. There’re even redhead festivals around the world. So I’m not the only admirer of this unique group who wants to celebrate their hair color,” she said.


“At first, I was intrigued by the extraordinary looks of these children,” she says. “Especially the children, because they’re still young, not aware of their looks; very pure and natural. Their orange-red hair, their pale skin with clusters of freckles and their bright, light eyes are just breathtaking and magical to me. At times, they even seemed translucent.”


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