Architects Adds Treetop Cabin With Stargazing Net To Sweden’s Treehotel

Architecture firm Snøhetta has completed a treetop cabin for the Treehotel in northern Sweden, featuring charred-timber cladding and a suspended net for observing the Northern Lights. Set 10 metres above the forest floor in the crown of a tall pine tree and supported by 12 columns, The 7th Room provides views out over Swedish Lapland, to the Lule River and of the aurora borealis.

More info: Snøhetta (h/t: dezeen)

The base of the structure is covered by a huge sheet of aluminium printed with a black and white image of trees, helping to camouflage it within the forest. The architects describes this as the cabin’s sixth facade.

“The boundaries between indoors and outdoors are blurred, making the cabin part of the forest,” said the firm, which has offices in New York and Oslo.

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