Let’s Discover Sweden’s Icehotel Incredible Bedrooms Made Of Ice And Snow

Founded in 1989, the Icehotel in Swedish Lapland is built from the snow up each year, using ice from the local river. The rooms are designed by international artists and this year feature spacemen and an ice queen. The hotel has 35 suites, featuring ice carvings designed by 36 different artists from 17 countries. This room, King Kong, was created by Lkhagvadorj Dorjsuren. (Photo by Asaf Kliger/IceHotel/The Guardian)

A total of 30,000 cubic metres of snow and ice were used to construct the hotel, while the artwork was cut from 500 tons of crystal clear natural ice. This suite, Follow the White Rabbit, was created by artists AnnaSofia Mååg and Niklas Byman. (Photo by Asaf Kliger/IceHotel/The Guardian)

The Icehotel reopens each year in a new form. In this room, Ground Rules, created by Carl Wellander and Ulrika Tallving, icy snails take centre stage. (Photo by Asaf Kliger/IceHotel/The Guardian)

Two sculptures of astronauts feature in the Space Room, designed by Adrian Bois Pablo Lopez. As well as creating artworks from it, ice is used to make an ice bar and even the glasses used for drinks. (Photo by Asaf Kliger/IceHotel/The Guardian)

Impressions of leaves are silhouetted behind the bed in this room, Monstera, designed by Nina Kauppi and Johan Kauppi. (Photo by Asaf Kliger/IceHotel/The Guardian)

Queen of the North (created by Emilie Steele and Sebastian Dell’Uva) is one of the more intense rooms, with the bed surrounded by the head and hands of an icy goddess. (Photo by Asaf Kliger/IceHotel/The Guardian)

Shards of ice cut through the cold air in the White Desert suite, by Timsam Harding and Fabián Jacquet Casado. (Photo by Asaf Kliger/IceHotel/The Guardian)

A view all guests will be hoping for: the northern lights glowing in the sky behind the Ice Hotel entrance. (Photo by Asaf Kliger/IceHotel/The Guardian)

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