Weird Russian Architecture Comes Into Bizarre Fashion

Voronezh, nuclear plant

Moscow photographer Lana Sator visualizes down coats inspired by all those Russian nuclear plants, abandoned houses and panel buildings. The similar idea had come to the designer of Louis Vuiton in January 2021 who presented the man’s architectural collection.

“The creative director of the Loius Vuitton men’s line, Virgil Abloh, created down jackets with three-dimensional architectural landmarks of Paris for the new men’s collection (example from the catalog on slide 10) – but what if he was inspired not by Paris, but by Russian cities?”

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Dwelling building of Samara

Drama Theater in Velikiy Novgorod

Public library in Omsk

Youth Theater, Novosibirsk

Palace of the Pioneers, Bratsk, Irkutsk region

Sanatorium in Yalta

Traumatology hospital in Kurgan

Any city in Russia, paneled five-story building

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