These Architects Wanted To Work Outside, So They Made A Mobile Office In A Caravan

Photography by Jo Wickham Photography

Architecture firm Studio106, wanted to be able to enjoy the nice summer weather that New Zealand has to offer, without leaving their office.

h/t: contemporist

Photography by Jo Wickham Photography

They decided to get a caravan and convert it into a mobile office, so they can drive it to a picturesque location or the site of one of their projects, unhook it, and start working.

Photography by Jo Wickham Photography

Working together with Retro Events and More Than Print, they transformed the caravan, only keeping the must-haves, like computers, chairs, coffee station and an office plant.

Photography by Jo Wickham Photography

They also partnered with Refold desks to allow them to have moveable, foldable cardboard desks, making it easy to dismantle them when needed.

Photography by Jo Wickham Photography

Here’s a look inside the mobile office, all set up.

Photography by Jo Wickham Photography

They also have tables for outdoor working.

Photography by Jo Wickham Photography

Here’s a picture perfect location they found for working.

Photography by Jo Wickham Photography

If it gets too sunny, they can just move their portable stand up desk into the shade.

Photography by Jo Wickham Photography

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