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Man Finds Mysterious Book That Can Not Be Explained

People discover strange things all the time, but this random book has to be one of the strangest discoveries ever found.

More info: Reddit (h/t: imgur)

The box was handmade from wood, fit with hinges, a handle and a pair of locks.

From what was written here, it appears that the author had an experience that was definitely not from here.

A hand-drawn table of the elements.

This patent is not filed with the united states patent office – but the drawings are remarkably detailed. But this is not the weirdest part…

This drawing was dated 1939 – why would someone discard this?

Oddly, this map shows air travel routes.

A lot of the maps are hand-drawn with a “center” noted on it.

The maps represent aerial patterns and/or routes of some type.

There were quite a few of the maps.

And the mystery continues…

A note perhaps from the previous owner.

Another map with a “center” on it.

A piece of the past – a note from a very old veterans affairs office.

The artist depicts an event from tampa, fl in 1977. He notes the event to be extraterrestrial in nature.

Odd to see extraterrestrial ufo on the same page with angelic-looking creatures.

Drawing of an entity.

A slight summary of the events.

Geometric shapes that are related.

Another drawing of one of the entities – looks strangely like something out of the biblical book of ezekiel.

An additional sketch of the same being.

Beings from the side view.

The artist was fixated on these creatures for some time.

Was this a dream or did this really happen?

One might say this looks like wheels within wheels, wings full of eyes and creatures with 4 heads (man, ox, eagle and lion) from the book of ezekiel.

The drawings seem to mix biblical and extraterrestrial visions.

A close-up of the corner.

The details of this drawing include some of the patent drawings seen earlier.

A different view of one of the patent drawings.

It appears that these new train wheels might have come from the train he drew earlier.

What are your thoughts?

Whatever your conclusion – someone who was working too hard, a drug-induced vision, or a true extra-terrestrial experience… it sure is a puzzle. Unfortunately, we cannot ask the artist and know for sure. All we know is that this person experienced something very odd. Perhaps he knows something that we don’t.

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