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AI Takes Over Photography, Humans Forced to Find New Hobbies

Harvesting Ice Cream

Who needs humans to make things when we have AI-generated photos? Apparently, even ice cream can grow naturally in this brave new world. But if you’re wondering why the ice cream harvest only happens at night, it’s probably because it’s too scared of melting in the sun. Or maybe it’s just a winter crop, who knows? One thing’s for sure though, if these pictures were real, we’d all be a lot chubbier. Thank goodness for AI, keeping us in shape while fooling us with its realistic imagery.

h/t: sadanduseless

Harvesting Donuts

Harvesting Bagels

Harvesting Cheese

Harvesting Beer Bottles

Harvesting Red Bull

Harvesting Chicken Nuggets

Harvesting Macarons

Harvesting Coke Cans

Harvesting Twizzlers

Harvesting Cheetos

Harvesting Popcorn

Harvesting Sausages

Harvesting Oreos

Harvesting Bacon

Harvesting French Fries

Harvesting Pancakes

Harvesting Gummy Bears

Harvesting Croissants

Harvesting Bubblegum

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