Artist Dad Turns His 5-Year-Old Daughter’s Endearing Sayings Into Hilarious Illustrations

It’s a known fact that kids say the darndest things. But parents can also catch themselves saying silly things to their children too. One dad is transforming all the silly and bizarre things from conversations he has with his daughter into hilarious illustrations.

More info: Tumblr (h/t: huffingtonpost, earthables)

Martin Bruckner, father to 5-year-old Harper, told The Huffington Post that he got the idea to make and share drawings of the absurd things his family said one night when they were having dinner.

His wife told Harper, “Please don’t put spaghetti between your toes.”

Bruckner commented on how ridiculous that statement sounded. Later that night he caught himself telling Harper, “Did you drop the cheese in the tub again?” From then on, he decided to note down all the weird things they said, and Spaghetti Toes was born.

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