Awesome Star Wars Fan Art By Tsuneo Sanda, Official Lucasfilm & Disney Artist

Artist Tsuneo Sanda was born in Osaka, Japan. He first came to Tokyo at age 23, and has been there ever since. He lives in a rural, residential town about 20km west of Tokyo with his wife, Sachicko, two sons, Kensaku and Sohei, and Vivian, their American Shorthair cat.

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“My wife has many hobbies and more talent than I, even though she doesn’t realize it. My eldest son, Kensaku, is a third year student at Tokyo National University of Fine Art, where he is studying design. Sohei, my younger son, is in senior high, where he enjoys sports, especially soccer. He is interested in going to the same college as his brother, and is preparing for the entrance exams”.

A Star Wars fan since 1977, A New Hope, which he describes as “filled with dreams,” continues to be “a part of my brain cells” even today. “The first few moments of each episode overwhelm me,” Sanda says, “exploding in my head like brilliant fireworks.”

While he feels each of the main characters has their own, unique “individuality and attractiveness,” he doesn’t have any specific favorite subject, though lately he has taken a special interest in painting supporting characters.

Of the Star Wars paintings he has created, his personal favorites are the 20th Anniversary montage and Cantina Celebration. However, he also greatly admires the theatrical posters as well. “They are all my favorites,” he says.

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