‘Beauty In Wonderland’ By Sølve Sundsbø For Vogue Italia

‘Beauty in Wonderland’, a journey into the beauty dream. With fragrances that free emotions, textures that reawaken the senses and high-happiness nuances. Because the vocabulary of perfumes and of colors is a universal language, with one keyword: nature.

More info: Vogue, Sølve Sundsbø

The Wunderkammer of suggestions that the universe of beauty gives, and has always given, in a global and transversal way is the message of the show-event Beauty in Wonderland (now on in Milan, conceived by P6G Prestige, in collaboration with Vogue Italia), a kind of polysensorial journey amid fragrances, flowers, art, lights and colors.

Tess Hellfeuer poses in this delicate beauty series for the September 2013 edition of Vogue Italia, shot by acclaimed fashion photographer Sølve Sundsbø.

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