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Japanese Photographer Spends His Life Shooting Women’s Thighs

Introducing Yuria, a mysterious Japanese photographer who makes a living by taking photos of women’s thighs (“futomomo” in Japanese) – over 30,000 photos to be precise. Yuria is a self-proclamed “Futomomo Artist“.

More info: Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr (h/t: gurashii)

Yuria is a meticulous person, with two strict rules when it comes to photography. First, he never takes photos of a model’s face. Second, he shoots nothing but women’s thighs, with the aim of spreading the true beauty of futomomo, “the area that holds the beauty of a woman“, to the world. Yuria prefers models who have thighs that are “not too thin, not too chubby, but slightly on the thinner side”.

In case you were wondering, it is unclear whether “Yuria” (assumed to be a nickname) is male or female. In addition to Yuria’s name and gender, his/her hometown and date of birth are also kept a secret. It is only known that Yuria has a Russian blue-coloured cat called “Rua” that he/she posts on Twitter, and that he/she likes the anime Aikatsu.

Yuria grew motivation to take thigh photos back in 2011, when he happened to take a photo of a female acquaintance’s thigh. This lit a fire in Yuria’s heart; five years, seven books and two exhibitions later, he has become a national phenomenon.

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