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Hilarious Entries For The First Ever Comedy Pet Photography Awards 2017

Connie Fore

The search is on to find the world’s funniest pet – from a nose-diving sausage dog to a pony trying its best blue steel.

The first ever Comedy Pet Photography Awards is capturing the hilarious escapades of animals at home. After founding The Comedy Wildlife Awards in 2015, wildlife photographer Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE and African landscape photographer Tom Sullam decided to create a new competition just for the escapades of animals at home.

More info: Comedy Pet Photography Awards, Facebook (h/t: metro, dailymail)

Alice van Kempen

Tom Sullam said: “The response we received from the Comedy Wildlife competition was so incredible, and so much bigger than we anticipated, that we realised we could reach thousands of people through the competition. Comedy Pets made total sense as a follow up, reaching a slightly different crowd but with the same message of animal conservation, and conservation in general – using humour as the trigger.”

Heather Ross

Sue Carroll

Patrik Junior Vanin de Vargas

Marie V Vollmer

Claire Stott

Connie Fore

Gabriel Constantin Marian

Heather Ross

Claire Stott

Jaroslaw Brzezinski

Ika Peiler

Nando Harmsen

Patricia Taylor

Grace Markarian

Gabriel Constantin Marian

Heather Ross

Raquel Marques

Peter Fonkert

Annette Edgar

Krzysztof Smejlis

Lance Bellers

Katie Tipton

Isabelle Marozzo

Simon DeKnock

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