Heartwarming Moment: A Husky was Freed After Falling Through the Ice on Her Morning Walk

The dramatic moment an exhausted pet dog was plucked from a frozen lake after falling through the ice has been caught on camera. Firefighter Sean Coyle risked his own safety to venture out on to frozen Pleasure Bay off Castle Island in South Boston during the rescue. Sylvie, a 13-year-old husky, had plunged into the frigid water during her morning walk.

Firefighter Sean Coyle uses a basket to slide out to Sylvie, a 13 year old Husky. (Boston Herald/Polaris)

Exhausted Sylvie had been in the frigid water for more than 30 minutes by the time rescue arrived. (Boston Herald/Polaris)

The husky clings to the ice as firefighter Sean Coyle inches out to the hole. (Boston Herald/Polaris)

Fireman Coyle grabs Sylvie by the scuff of the neck as he attempts to lift her from the water. (Boston Herald/Polaris)

The 13-year-old Husky’s thick winter coat helped her stay alive in the freezing water. (Boston Herald/Polaris)

The pet emerged from the water and totters on the ice as she regained her balance. (Boston Herald/Polaris)

The risks were not over once Sylvie had been plucked from the water as thinning ice meant rescuer and dog could fall back in at any second. (Boston Herald/Polaris)

Sylvie is grabbed to prevent her heading back on to the treacherous ice. (Boston Herald/Polaris)

A worried owner is reunited with his beloved pet on the banks of Castle Island’s Pleasure Bay. (Boston Herald/Polaris)

Credits: The Daily Mail

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