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Do Enjoy This Dog Dressed Up As Various Disney Characters


If you’re getting bored of the ‘Disney princesses reimagined’ thing, here’s a treat for you.

Redditor Mr_Duck_Sauce has shared a load of pictures of her dog, Cooper, dressed up as a bunch of iconic characters from Disney films. He doesn’t look the most pleased about the whole thing, but hey. He’s nailing it. If ‘it’ is serving ‘I give literally no f***s’ face.

Cooper will definitely not let this go.

Picture: Becky Hooten/Reddit

Here’s Cooper as Dumbo, flying joyfully through the air.

Picture: Becky Hooten/Reddit

Is this a picture of Tinkerbell? Or Cooper? We can’t tell.

Picture: Becky Hooten/Reddit

This dog can totally grant wishes.

Picture: Becky Hooten/Reddit

The part where Alice turns into a dog. That happened.

Picture: Becky Hooten/Reddit

10/10. Would trust this dog to perform magic.

Picture: Becky Hooten/Reddit

This one’s a bit dark, considering all the puppy theft.

Picture: Becky Hooten/Reddit

Cooper the massive liar.

Picture: Becky Hooten/Reddit

Teapot dog. Yes.

Picture: Becky Hooten/Reddit. h/t: metro

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