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Photographer Snaps A Frog ‘Horsing’ With A Beetle

The images taken by wildlife photographer Hendy Lie in the lush surroundings of his home in Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia look like something out of a fantasy novel: a playful frog which seems to mimic a rodeo cowboy riding the back of a black beetle. According to Hendy, he captured the unusual scene for five minutes before the beetle made an escape to chase some food elsewhere.

More info: 500px (h/t: resourcemagonline, dailymail)

“It was such an amazing moment, the frog just saw the beetle and decided to crawl on top. It looked like the frog was a cowboy riding a bull and it even put its right leg in the air. The frog was on the beetle for five minutes and the insect was just happily running around.” Hendy tells the Daily Mail.

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