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Striking Animal Pictures Selected As Finalists Of 2017 Comedy Pet Photography Awards

Brace yourself for a giggling fit because the finalists of the inaugural Comedy Pet Photography Awards have been revealed. For the first time, the founders of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have launched a photography award show giving proud pet owners a chance to show off their quirky pets. Photographers Tom Sullam and Paul Johnson-Hicks MBE have collected over 2500 entries and, after some careful consideration, they have narrowed down the hilarious photos to their favourites.

Here: Anne Lise Gramstad caught her windswept dog on film in “Beach Please!” in Ogna Beach, Norway, Date Unknown. (Photo by Anne Lise Gramstad/Barcroft Images/Comedy Pet Photography Awards)

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Esra Tatar snapped this cheeky kitty pulling a face in Kuching, Belgium, Date Unknown. (Photo by Esra Tatar/Barcroft Images/Comedy Pet Photography Awards)

Liz Hammond caught her goat on a happy day in “Smile! You Are On Camera” in Warwickshire, England. (Photo by Liz Hammond/Barcroft Images/Comedy Pet Photography Awards)

Nathan Schmidt snapped his two dogs have a bit of an accidental fight in “I Didn’t Mean It!” in Grand Rapids, USA, Date Unknown. (Photo by Nathan Schmidt/Barcroft Images/Comedy Pet Photography Awards)

Alice van Kempen caught this silhouette of her two dogs in “Riding Along” in Rockanje, Netherlands, 2014. (Photo by Alice van Kempen/Barcroft Images/Comedy Pet Photography Awards)

Vincent Guilbaud’s “Dance of the Wolf” captures a wolf appearing to perform for his pack in Canada, Date Unknown. (Photo by Vincent Guilbaud/Barcroft Images/Comedy Pet Photography Awards)

Nando Harmsen caught this horse having a prance in “Look At Me” in Gemert, Netherlands, Date Unknown. (Photo by Nando Harmsen/Barcroft Images/Comedy Pet Photography Awards)

Brecht van Gampelaere snapped their cat posing on a podium on “On Guard” in Gent, Belgium, Date Unknown. (Photo by Brecht van Gampelaere/Barcroft Images/Comedy Pet Photography Awards)

Erika Hetzel caught her dog enjoying the wind in “Windblown” in Wisconsin, United States, Date Unknown. (Photo by Erika Hetzel/Barcroft Images/Comedy Pet Photography Awards)

Peggy VanSickle snapped a donkey having a giggle in “Laughing Burro” in Custer State Park, USA, Date Unknown. (Photo by Peggy VanSickle/Barcroft Images/Comedy Pet Photography Awards)

Ariel Berry caught her cat checking itself out in “Mirror, Mirror” in Albion, United States, Date Unknown. (Photo by Ariel Berry/Barcroft Images/Comedy Pet Photography Awards)

Connie Fore snapped her dog being hypnotised by a bubble in Harvard, USA, Date Unknown. (Photo by Connie Fore/Barcroft Images/Comedy Pet Photography Awards)

Andreas Ettl caught a loopy horse on camera in “Show Me Your Best Smile” in Iceland, Date Unknown. (Photo by Andreas Ettl/Barcroft Images/Comedy Pet Photography Awards)

Aleksei Syrkin snapped two dogs have a heated debate in “Dog Language” in Khabarovsk, Russia, Date Unknown. (Photo by Aleksei Syrkin/Barcroft Images/Comedy Pet Photography Awards)

Georgie Bain takes a selfie with her horse in “Best Friends” in Aberdeen, United Kingdom, Date Unknown. (Photo by Georgie Bain/Barcroft Images/Comedy Pet Photography Awards)

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