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Photographer Captured The Incredible Scene Of The Tiny Ant Hauling A Huge Bee

Can you bee-lieve it? This super strong ant can lift insects five times its size without even breaking a sweat. The tiny ant was pictured hauling a huge bee back to its nest and made the unbelievable feat look easy.

Photographer Eko Adiyanto watched in amazement as the ant eventually drafted in some help from friends – working together to move the bee along a thin branch and back home. The 43-year-old spotted the incredible scene in the front garden of his home in West Java, Indonesia.

He said: “These pictures show us just how strong ants are and it’s a great example of good team work. I have observed and studied their behaviour and habits for a long time but I still feel very lucky to have experienced and witnessed this phenomenal event. I think the images are amazing. These ants are small animals but have enormous strength and are able to work together.”

h/t: mirror

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