Someone Noticed That Cats Use Parking Bumpers As Pillows, And It’s Oddly Wholesome


Twitter user Ijnaoba1927 from Japan captured the internet’s attention when they posted a couple of photos of their neighborhood cats resting their heads on parking bumpers. They’re using them just like pillows!

Ijnaoba1927’s photos sparked an epic thread that got more than 1 million likes and over 268k retweets and comments. People then posted their own pics of cats relaxing on parking bumpers and it’s oddly wholesome. Welcome to your daily dose of wholesome cat content—just kick back, scroll down for your Vitamin C(at), and upvote the pics that you enjoyed the most.

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According to her, cats do it for comfort. “Just like humans, cats are no strangers to seeking out comfort and they may choose to simply rest their head because it is there and easily accessible.”


“I would be willing to bet if something soft and cozy were provided as an option, they would choose that over a parking bumper, but if they are an indoor/outdoor cat or a feral cat they are essentially using this as a pillow!” cat specialist Ingrid explained.

The expert added that cats are also heat seekers, so they love the sun and warmth. “Concrete often heats up and provides a nice warm place to sunbathe.”


“This is absolutely an individual preference but also based on circumstance and their environment at the time,” she said.


“When cats feel really relaxed, comfortable, and safe they will show it in how they have positioned themselves. For example, laying with their belly exposed and all stretched out is a vulnerable position so they do this when they feel safe and trust their surroundings,” cat behavior specialist Ingrid explained.


“A cat that is hunched up with all four paws on the ground ready to jump may be resting, but they are also wary and preparing to run if need be.”

Ingrid added that whether or not a cat resting its head on a parking bumper is resting or alert depends on each individual cat and how threatened or comfortable they feel in that given area at the time.








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