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Photographer Sabrina Boem Beautifully Captured The Monorail Cats

Sabrina Boem is a cat lover and photographer. Six years ago she adopted her first cat since then she is photographing several projects involving cats. In this series she photographed “Monorail Cats”…. oh, you ever heard about Monorail Cats?

In Sabrina words about monorail Cats, “I love cats in every situation and I find them so funny when they apply their cat logic to everyday life. I’ve met many monorail cats while photographing colony cats: they love sleeping perched on the most uncomfortable places, mostly doghouses that are used as shelters for outdoor cats. My cats Sissi and Ricky, on the other hand, are true experts of walking on the tiny rail of the fence in our yard. They are truly amazing, only their little paws can walk steadily up there even when the rail is wet after the rain.”

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