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Hong-Kong Based Company Makes Cat ‘LEGOS’ For People Who Love All Things Cat

If Lego and cats are among your favorite things in this world, now you can order a playful statue made of ‘Legos’ to liven up even the dullest office space or a living room. Hong-Kong-based company Jekca offers mini Lego sculptures for ‘kidults’ that come around 1.6 ft each – and their variety will surprise even the pickiest of customers.

More info: Jekca, Facebook (h/t: boredpanda, cheezburger, blazepress)

Available in a variety of colours and patterns the 1.6 ft high cats aren’t available in different breeds however they do come in various positions, whether that’s perched on a table top or playfully stretching on the sofa. The good news is that the LEGO sculptures won’t fall part either –

“These cats are like real sculptures and will not collapse or break apart,” the company writes over on its Facebook page. So there you have it – purrfect if you love all things ‘cat’.”

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