Photographer Captures The Unique And Amazing People Of The New York Subway

Have you ever wanted to be a model? Well, if you live in New York and take the subway, you might become one. New York photographer Andreas, better known as Mr. NYC Subway, asks random strangers on the subway if they would like to model for him and the result is quite amazing.

Simple strangers going to work, for dance practice, or just living their lives become professional models. Andreas’s photos also show the many unique, beautiful, and simply fun people in the world! The pictures inspire you to dress the way you want to and express yourself for who you really are.

More: Mr. NYC Subway, Instagram, TikTok h/t: boredpanda

On Andreas’s website, there’s more information about him: “Creativity is the Root of all Good! Mr. NYC Subway is a New York artist whose photography has been published in the New York Times, Yahoo, and NBC New York. With a strong passion for capturing images of the NYC Subway and having worked with some of the most talented creators in New York, Andreas has been able to grow substantial followings on both Instagram (93,000) and TikTok (1.1 million) through his unorthodox imagery.”

“Mr. NYC Subway has exhibited and sold his art all over the United States. His most notable solo exhibits have been in NYC, Art Basel Miami 2019, and San Diego. Mr. NYC Subway is represented by Art Broker Jason Perez who is based out of Miami.

Originally from San Diego (CA), Andreas moved to Manhattan in 2014 with aspirations to find his true calling as an attorney within business law. After several years of living in the Big Apple, Andreas would discover much more about himself than just being a lawyer.”

“Andreas started his artistic journey back in October of 2017 as an effort to change how he viewed his commute. Instead of focusing on all the negative aspects of the NYC Subway, he started to put his attention towards its positive and creative characteristics.

After making this change in perspective, Andreas discovered his passion for photography and bought his first camera. Fast forward to the present day, Andreas is now a professional photographer who captures portraits, street photography, and landscape images which have been sold all over the world.”

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