The Apocalypse Of Pop Culture By Filip Hodas

Filip Hodas, AKA Hoodass, is a freelance 3D artist from Prague, Czech Republic, who does surreal and mind-bending renderings that are truly out of this world.

But none of his work is as captivating as this series of decaying pop culture icons that provides us with a creepy glimpse into an alternative dystopian future. From a burnt out Pac Man and a defunct Hello Kitty to a litchen-covered Bender and a Martian Playstation space station, the artist uses well-known video games, fast food brands, cartoons characters and other recognizable imagery to litter the landscape of his pop culture apocalypse, providing us with a conflicting sense of nostalgia and foreboding.

More info: Instagram, Behance, Society6 (h/t: boredpanda, demilked)

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