Amusing Skeleton Claw Cartoons

“I get inspired by all kinds of things. It usually happens in three situations, during conversations with friends, on long walks, or as I’m drifting off to sleep,” Andy, the illustrator behind the amusing (and sometimes dark) Skeleton Claw cartoons told Bored Panda in a heart-to-heart interview.

“Some strange inkling of a thought pops into my head and I’ll write it down. Sometimes they become comics, more often they remain notes on my phone.”

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The creator of Skeleton Claw has a very interesting point of view towards art that stresses the importance of discipline in reminding the artist why he loves drawing in the first place. “It’s a bit like showering. Sometimes, you really don’t want to, but as soon as you get in you don’t want to leave. I have a similar relationship with drawing. I can go long periods of time without it, but as soon as I return to it, I remember everything I love about it and don’t want to stop,” he said to Bored Panda.

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