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Salvia Is The Surreal Drag Artist Channelling Alien Glamour

Born and raised in the Welsh wilderness, as a kid Salvia never felt at ease in her human body. “I always felt detached,” she says, “as if it was just an ugly vessel carrying me around.”

So she decided to opt for something a little more otherworldly. Inspired by the ethereal beings that shimmied and shook down Alexander McQueen’s autumn/winter 09 runway, Salvia began experimenting with dramatic make-up and extreme looks. First she shaved her eyebrows, and then she shaved her hairline. The white eyelashes came next, followed swiftly by the Leigh Bowery-style smudged lipstick. Distorting her image further through Photoshop was just a natural progression, it’s also what piqued the interest of renowned photographer Nick Knight, who cherry picked her to star in last project, Infamy. Here she muses on all things beauty.

More info: Instagram (h/t: i-d)

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