Young Artist From South Korea Creates Visual Illusion Art Using Her Face And Hands


Dain Yoon, a make up and visual artist from Seoul, South Korea, has earned over 24K+ followers on Instagram for her incredible illusion artworks – all of them created without using Photoshop. The talented 22-year-old, who is a student at the Korean National University of Arts, shares her mind-blogging artworks online, which she creates using watercolours on her face and her hands.

h/t: dailymail

ㅋㅋ하늘과 빙의중 cloudy cloudy☁️ #drawing#painting#onface#trickart#bodypainting#artwork#mua#건조해#모나리자

A photo posted by 윤다인 Dain Yoon (@designdain) on

손에 그림그리기 꿀잼?#painting#onhand#drawing#mua#trickart#bodypaintng

A photo posted by 윤다인 Dain Yoon (@designdain) on

도화지보다 도화지같은 내얼굴 ㅋㅋㅋ #drawing #painting #onface #mua #makeup #분장 Inspired by @mimles

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#작업 #trompe-l’œil #painting #bodypainting 정말 고마워 칭구들❤️@clclclccll ..? @uhhho ..?

A photo posted by 윤다인 Dain Yoon (@designdain) on

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