Artist’s Amazing Pastels Show The Eerie Life Of Floating Iceberg Giants

Icebergs are a majestic sight, drifting along in the oceans after breaking off from glaciers or ice shelves. Yet, they could also be harbingers of something much more troubling, as the massive trillion-ton iceberg breaking off the West Antarctic ice shelf recently seems to indicate.

“Many of us are intellectually aware that climate change is our greatest global challenge, and yet the problem may feel abstract, the imperiled landscapes remote. I hope my drawings make Antarctica’s fragility visceral to the viewer, emulating the overpowering experience of being beside a glacier,” she said.

Hoping to draw attention to the awe-inspiring nature of icebergs, as well as the impacts of a changing climate, American artist Zaria Forman captures the stately grandeur of these floating behemoths in large-scale pastels.

More info: Instagram (h/t: treehugger)

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