Photographer Titus Poplawski Captures Beautiful, Intimacy and Surreal Photos

When Artists create, they make their worlds. Some create happy worlds, full of sense and discovery, some adventurous lands full of magic and fantasy, some creepy and eerie worlds full of monsters and fear. That’s the power of creativity. Every artist has to learn how to use it.

More: Titus Poplawski, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

There’s probably no question that photographer Titus Poplawski knows how to use his creativity very well. The photographer manages to create a surreal, dreamy, and sometimes even eerie world using an analog camera. Titus focuses on people in his photographs, placing them in unusual and strange environments to create the unique vibes of his photographs.

The photographer told Bored Panda: “I am an analog photographer from Poland. Working with photographic film gives you much more satisfaction from your work. It’s not about the advanced technical challenges. It’s more about letting the film influence the final artistic result of the picture. I focus on narrative photography, which is a metaphor that tells about human beings. Thus a human being is the main subject of my photos. The source of my inspiration is the broadly understood world of art. Throughout our lives, we absorb the world and art around us and this is the main source of inspiration. In my works, I show attention to detail and light.”

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