Gloomy Portraits Of Dogs That Seem To Fade Into The Paper – Design You Trust

Gloomy Portraits Of Dogs That Seem To Fade Into The Paper

Endre Penovác is world-wide renown for his paintings of black cats. What may be less known is his obvious love for dogs. He has 3 dogs so he is intimately acquainted with the nature of ’man’s best friends’.

Although simplification is very important in Endre’s art he is able to capture perfectly the true identity of dogs. He brings them to life with his breathtaking technique in these pencil drawings, watercolor and ink paintings. His dogs so instinctively and lovingly stroked that you can feel their wet noses, the softness of their messy fur and the warmth of their bodies just by looking at them.

More info: Endre Penovác, Facebook (h/t: boredpanda)

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