These Illustrations Show What He-Man And Skeletor’s Life Looks Like When They’re Not Fighting

There’s a saying that love and hatred are one step apart. Have you ever wondered if heroes and villains, arch nemeses to each other, sometimes cross that boundary? What would it look like? In the case of the famous He-Man and Skeletor, you may wonder no more!

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The two are part of the Masters of the Universe cartoon, where Skeletor and other villains attempt to take over the world, but the heroes led by He-Man foil his plans. Thinking from the logic of the cartoon itself, Skeletor and He-Man must know each other very intimately due to these clashes, and perhaps have become very fond of one another’s company.

Ed Harrington, the talented artist behind the illustrations below, imagines this possibility in his own unique and hilarious way. He portrays He-Man and Skeletor as an inseparable couple doing their own kind of adventures minus the usual antagonism portrayed in the cartoon. It’s all combined with mashups from other cartoons and popular movies, making it even more interesting than just that.

Ed Harrington, who goes by the handle of nothinghappenedtoday on Instagram, doesn’t only illustrate adventures of the aforementioned duo. Even though Masters of the Universe is a theme that he likes to draw inspiration from, he also draws fantastic illustrations inspired by just about every other popular cartoon. We suggest you check him out on his Instagram and see for yourself.

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