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Shocking Before and After Composite Portraits of Drug Abuse


London-based photographer Roman Sakovich gives us a glimpse of the drastic visual differences that substance abuse can cause in his series titled Half. By splitting his subjects’ style choices and physical appearances straight down the middle of their portraits, the photographer presents a before and after composite image that shows us two timelines—one of the addict (on the right) and one of the non-user who still has the choice to change his or her fate.


While you might think that a great deal of Photoshop was used to produce each image, Sakovich says that most of the effects were created in-camera. The transformations were accomplished with skilled costuming and makeup design rather than post splicing and merging. The result is an eye-opening look at the damaging effects of drug abuse, especially meth addiction which is known to have a considerable amount of impact on one’s physical appearance. While the photographer admits it is a stereotypical and perhaps superficial look at substance abuse, it is, nonetheless, effective.

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