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This Black Guy Drew What It Was Like Being The Only Black Man In A White Office In The 60s, And It’s Worse Than You Think

There’s a lot of drama in the workplace, but probably only a handful of people have experienced it as much as the people of color who started entering predominantly white offices a few decades ago. Tom Floyd was born in Gary, Indiana in 1929 and operated his own advertising firm before working as a designer for the Inland Steel Company. There, his insights on racial dynamics were formed.

“As a ‘BLACK’ white collar worker having willingly and conscientiously taken an active part in America’s leading social pre-occupation… An experiment called ‘Integration’ … I feel compelled to assess my total experience and perhaps the experiences of other Blacks by saying…. ‘INTEGRATION IS A BITCH’…,” Tom Floyd commented.

Floyd used his personal experience as the only black man working in a white environment in the 60s, showcasing the absurd reality he was forced to be a part of. The cartoonist was a proponent of meaningful racial understanding and cooperation. His comic series ‘Integration is a Bitch’ was released in 1969, a time where the vast majority of works like it were rejected by publishers, too scared to deal with such a sensitive subject. Luckily, Floyd’s work managed to squeeze its way into the pressing machine, and people say it’s relevant even today.

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