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Hotel Reenacts Guests’ Most Bizarre Suggestions

The Standard Hotel chain made use of their 2013 customer evaluations in a creative way. Under the direction of Erik Kessels and photograph Thomas Mailaender, the hotel rolled out a quirky calendar that references twelve of the strangest letters, suggestions and complaints collected from their guests. As part of the visual documentation, hotel staff were invited to re-enact the scenes, which include a man completely wrapped in toilet paper and a Daschund puppy sandwiched between a hot-dog bun.

Flipping through the monthly themes, you will find a hallway full of water cups from a guest thanking the hotel for curing his epic hangover. Good thing there is a small explanation on each page, or else it would be impossible to understand what is happening in the photo. Nonetheless, the Amsterdam-based creative agency KesselsKarmer did a great job in creating something that is unique to the hotel. So if you have ever left a comment card at The Standard, be prepared because your idea might be one of 12 peculiar calendar ideas for the new year.


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