Sensual Paintings Created With Liquid Resin By Jessica Dunegan

Dressed in a torn sleeveless t-shirt, sweatpants, and an ominous looking gas mask, the talented mind of Jessica Dunegan swirls with creative ideas for turn flat pictures into surreal pieces of art with depth, texture, and shine.

Jessica’s selection of media is far different than most creators of surreal portraits. Jessica uses a combination of plywood, paints, plastic sheeting, and most importantly liquid resin.

The liquid resin allows Jessica to add layers, depth, and a 3D appearance to flat images.

Her creations vibrate with powerful emotions of joy, freedom, and romance.

The imagery captured in the layers adds magic and intrigue to every piece, leaving you wondering if the story speaks of tragedy or successful endings.


Make sure you take time to explore more of Jessica’s work and watch the video of her work process. The video opens your eyes to the possibilities working with unusual media allows.

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