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An Artist Turned His Grief After Losing A Child Into Something Beautiful

According to designer Sander Bakker: “It is very difficult to grasp the extend of the devastation felt when your child dies. Trying to express it in words is almost impossible. After I was faced with this unthinkable loss earlier this year, I decided to do what I do the best instead: design.”

“Without using words, I tried to express my love for my son Nikolaas. The project would be my haven; it would allow me to dwell in the few memories I would have of him, while creating something that he might have loved to gaze at.”

“Today, five months after his passing there is a beautiful little lamp sitting on my studio desk. It did not turn out to be an expression of grief at all, but rather a celebration of life, meant to put a smile on your face. I hope it will remind everybody to enjoy life, for it is so fragile.”

“Visit my Kickstarter campaign if you would like to own one. The proceeds from this project will be used to further the research into the causes of CDH (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia), the condition that Nikolaas succumbed to.”

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