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Artist Jim ‘ll Paint It Makes Crazy Pictures On Request Using Microsoft Paint

Jim’ll Paint It is a single topic blog where a man named jim solicits suggestions from readers of humorous or strange situations to paint in MS Paint. The resulting pictures are prized and often shared on social media.

James Murray posted the first three pictures on Jim’ll Paint it on February 21, 2013. The images assumed what would become the standard format for the posts: a letter written to Jim from a reader detailing a situation, along with Jim’s presentation of the situation as depicted in MS Paint.

“Jim’ll Paint It is an ongoing collaboration between Jim and the thousands of complete strangers who send him their weird and wonderful ideas. Using Microsoft Paint, Jim has painted hundreds of suggestions ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous – each free of charge. If you have enjoyed any of the pieces Jim has painted you can support the project either by making your own request, sharing the paintings via social media or purchasing any of the products on this site,” he wrote.

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