Artist Spends 3 Days Erecting A Life-Size Lego Statue Just To Be Ruined In Seconds


It happened at a LEGO Expo in Ningbo, China. A giant fox figurine of Nick Wilde that cost $15,000 and took the artist, named Zhao, three days and nights to build was trashed in only seconds by. Artist Zhao spent 3 long days working on a giant Zootopia LEGO sculpture.

h/t: izismile, boredpanda


What can go wrong with the security ropes around the sculpture?


An hour after the exhibition opened, it looked like this. Of course it was a kid who destroyed it. Who else! The kid climbed under the security ropes and got too close to a statue. You saw the aftermath at the picture above. Although, his parents offered to compensate Zhao, he politely declined and said that it was just an unfortunate accident.

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