Dad Superhero by Giulia Pex

Italian photographer and illustrator Giulia Pex has made a statement to the world using her dual crafts. She declared boldly “Dad, You Are My Favorite Superhero” by taking a series of family photographs of her father in ordinary settings.

Giulia then swapped to her illustration skills and added sketches and notes transform her father’s life into a life of superhero proportions, just like most of our fathers deserve. She depicts her father being called to the rescue via the Bat spotlight, reminscent of how often children call upon their fathers to rescue them from tough times.

Our superhero dads leap into their trusty econo-cars and simple motorcycles to come to our aid without a second thought. Giulia transforms vehicles into Batmobiles and Bat Bikes to show the heroic attitudes our fathers bring forth on a daily basis.

It may be a tribute to her own father, but all of us can recognize the hero in our own dads when we see Giulia’s work.

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