Turkish Photograher Gül Yıldız Captures Minimal And Atmospheric Black And White Urban Scenes

Gül Yıldız was born in Usak, Turkey. She graduated from Ankara University with an engineering degree. Afterwards she had a degree for photography and videography from Anadolu University as well.

During her career as a photographer she attended several national and international competitions and participated in exhibitions and festivals related with photography and gave seminars in different parts of Turkey. During 2015, she awarded with an AFIAP (Artiste Federation Internationale de L’ Art Photographique) degree from International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP).

As a professional photographer, she works as an instructor at Fujifilm and provides training for private lessons and for companies. She travels frequently for photography projects all over the world.

Recently, she is working on a book about composition in photography and street photography which will be published in 2017. To Yıldız, photography is a life style for expressing herself and her ambition about nature, history, different cultures and sensitivity for humanity.

More: Gül Yıldız, Instagram

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